Makayla, We Hardly Knew You

As if physical injury in November, car wrecked in December, global pandemic lockdown onset in March, racism violence everywhere in May and June, as if this weren’t enough – we were hit, perhaps I should say bashed, with personal tragic news this week.  Our great-niece, Makayla, just turned 12, died on Tuesday afternoon, June 23.  Having been born with a congenital heart problem, those 12 years were hard-won. I won’t publish the whole medical history, suffice to say that she was an extremely brave little girl and deserved a longer life. We have a picture of her at age 5 or so, standing with hands on her hips and a “don’t mess with me” expression on her face.  We were looking forward to her growing up and taking on the world. We’ll miss her immensely.


Better times will come. My broken arm is healed and my range of motion is coming along nicely. There will eventually be a vaccine for COVID-19. People everywhere are having the conversations about racism that must be had. Grief will diminish to manageable.  And as long as there is a human race, there will be music.

Published by Adrian Dee

Flutist, composer

One thought on “Makayla, We Hardly Knew You

  1. Dear Adrian and Bernadette, What a terrible year. I am so sorry to hear of Makaya’s death. So sad to hear that she had so little time in the world. Sending love from Seattle, Karen & Bizzie



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