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When the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown happened in 2020, all the musicians I know went into withdrawal, not being able to meet and play together. I decided to create some videos to allow at least a virtual duet experience. The first section are all from Rubank’s Selected Duets, Volume II, because I think a lot of flutists have that in their library. After I pretty much ran through that book, I started exploring other books as well. I indicate the page numbers for your convenience. I recorded one part, and you can play the other. So get your flute out, dig out your duet books, and click the links below. I recommend using headphones so you can hear the video over your own playing.

From Rubank Selecte Duets, vol. II:

Telemann Canon in D maj. (p. 27) – sheet music available on IMSLP here

Beethoven Allegro and Minuet (p. 3) – sheet music on IMSLP here

Haydn Duetto No. VI, Op. 101 (p. 8)
Menuetto and Trio

Devienne Sonata (p. 38)

Kohler Sonatine (p. 24)

Handel Allegro (p. 35)

Loeillet Giga (p. 48)

Mozart Duetto No. 1: Allegro (p. 50)

Mozart Duetto No. 1: Andante – Rondo – Allegro (p. 56)

Loeillet Adagio and Allegro (p. 41)

Mozart Duetto 2: Allegro (p. 62)

Mozart Duetto 2: Rondo (p. 67)

Geminiani Allegretto (p. 32)

Other books:

Handel and Gariboldi (Rubank Adv Method, vol 2, p.20)

Haydn Menuett (Rubank Adv Method, vol 2, p.22)

Robert Muczynski – Duos, No. 2

Telemann Canonic Sonata in G Major

Bousquet Adagio an Koehler Allegro (Rubank Adv Method, vol 2, p.24)

Robert Muczynski – Duos, No. 3 and No. 5

Telemann Canonic Sonata No. 3 in a minor

Quantz – Duets, Op. 2, No. 4 Allegro

Geminiani Adagio and Stamitz Romance (Rubank Adv Method, vol 2, p.26)

Telemann Canonic No. 4 in d minor

Telemann Canonic No. 5 in A major

Auld Lang Syne (traditional, my own arrangement)
Download the music here

Quantz – Duetto 1, Op. 2 No. 1, first movement: Allegro
You can download the sheet music for free from IMSLP here
Scroll down to “Sheet Music”, on the first tab: Score and Parts, “Duets Nos. 1-3” section, “Complete Score” download. 

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