Overwhelmed, but trying …

… to understand, to educate myself, to listen and learn. Here is an interesting video by Emmanuel Acho – “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.” You can watch it and practice being uncomfortable in the privacy and safety of your own home. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a good skill to learn. Have compassion, my friends, be willing to take that step.

Here is an interesting read from Ramesh A. Nagarajah called “Reflections from a Token Black Friend.” He discusses often being the only Black person in a group of friends, and how no degree from a prestigious university is going to protect you in the heat of the moment on the street. “There is no level of success that will spare you. We are black men, and that is all that matters to some.”

On a different note, but for me related, if you are a member of the American Federation of Musicians, take a look at page 18 of the June 2020 International Musician. There is an article about Highly Sensitive People (an actual recognized set of traits), how to know if you may be one, and five tips for dealing with stress. More info on “HSPs” at Elaine Aron’s website.

Published by Adrian Dee

Flutist, composer

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