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Bye, Mom

Well, friends, Mom passed away last night. It was a long time coming so there is some relief now. She was comfortable for the most part, just taking her time. Here is my song “Prayer” that I wrote many years ago and was recently able to have recorded and shared with her. She had always…

Catching Up

Oh my goodness, how life throws us curves.  My life has changed since my last blog entry.  Long story short, Mom and Dad are both living in a senior living facility in Roanoke now. Mom is in hospice.  I spent most of October, most of November, most of January there with them.  I lost my…

Today’s Trash Pickup

Here is today’s haul.  My bag was so full I couldn’t tie it closed.  I had to get a piece of tape from inside and seal it with that.  I walked a route today that I have not walked in a while, so this was probably several weeks of accumulated trash. Some of these larger…

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