Today’s Trash Pickup

Here is today’s haul.  My bag was so full I couldn’t tie it closed.  I had to get a piece of tape from inside and seal it with that.  I walked a route today that I have not walked in a while, so this was probably several weeks of accumulated trash. Some of these larger pieces I probably could have fished out and washed and recycled, but that was beyond my energy at the moment and my hands already felt so grungy and unsafe. First thing I did when I went in was wash my hands really good and then sanitize my keys and my phone. 

I generally do not pick up things that are a hygiene hazard, like used napkins or tissues or masks.  But none the less, maybe it would be smart to wear gloves when I do this, and use bigger bags.  But I don’t want to contribute to the plastics industry by buying gloves or bags.  I’m using up a stash of old bread bags and shopping bags that we have accumulated over the past few years.  After they’re gone I’ll have to decide what’s next.

Maybe one of those two- or three-foot grabber tools would be nice.  Less bending and I would not have to touch the trash at all.  Except sometimes I kind of fold it over as I pick it up so it fits in my bag better. Hm. Something to consider.

Published by Adrian Dee

Flutist, composer

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