Thank You, Dr. King

Happy MLK Day, everyone. Although I’m not sure “happy” is the correct adjective. “Hopeful”? “Determined”? “Keep on Keepin’ On”? My wife and I just watched the “I Have A Dream speech” at this link on Youtube:

(41) “I have a Dream” Martin Luther King Jr. Full Speech with Subtitle – YouTube

(spoiler alert: get out your kleenex). When I heard him speaking those famous words the tears started rolling down my cheeks. I ache for that hopefuless and determination that he was so capable of inspiring. There are little signs that hope is all around us: the Georgia election, a new President coming in, vaccines starting to appear in our neighborhood, even just the blueness of the sky in Portland today.

We have come through such a “dark” time (inapropriate use of the word?), a time of so much loss and suffering, death and violence, absolute insanity and imaturity and selfishness. It is time now to bring in the light, shed the light, be the light, shine into the dark corners of our world. We can’t clean up what we can’t see.

Thank you, Dr. King, for being who you were and doing what you did. Thank you, Rosa Parks. Thank you, Richard and Mildred Loving. Thank you for making the world just a little bit better for those who come after you.

And thank you to everyone reading this; you can do your little part as well. Find whatever little bit you can do and do it.

thank you

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