NFA Summer Series

I have really been enjoying the National Flute Association’s Summer Series these past few weeks.  These are online panels, presentation, performances, etc. that the NFA is offering instead of our annual convention.  If you are a flutist and are not watching the summer series, I strongly urge you to consider registering and dropping in.  All the sessions have been recorded and I believe will be available for viewing until the end of September.

This year they are spotlighting Black and POC (People of Color) performers and composers. I have seen some amazing performances and heard some fabulous music which were previously unfamiliar to me.  I also really appreciated hearing a couple of conversations around racism in the music world (yes, sadly it is there).  I especially enjoyed the story-telling session this past Wednesday (8/5/2020, 2pm Pacific). I laughed and cried and had my heart opened.

I’m also looking forward to the closing ceremony this Friday (8/14).  I think that’s where they’ll broadcast the Bach Air group video. I sent in a recording in order to participate; not sure what it will look like or if I’ll see myself in the crowd. (If you have never been to an NFA convention, we always close with the Bach Air – imagine a couple thousand flutists in a big ballroom together all playing together.  I guess you have to be a flutist to appreciate it; it’s sort of like communion. It’s a yearly ritual I love and am missing this month.)

You can register for the Summer Series on the NFA website.

The sessions are hosted on; you’ll create a login there.  It is totally worth it.

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Flutist, composer

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