Let me introduce myself…

I’m the second flutist with the Newport Symphony Orchestra (Newport, OR). I’ve been there for about a hundred years and I love it. They are my second family. I also play in the Allegro con Flauto flute quartet in Portland, OR. They’re family too. Sadly, with the COVID-19 pandemic neither group has been able to gather since March and I miss them terribly.

I also compose and arrange music for flute and flute ensembles. You can find my published works at Sheet Music Plus. I feel called to bring joy into the world wherever possible. I like to write music that is rhythmic and uplifting.

You can listen to me performing my “Fantasy for Flute and Strings” (my computer playing the string parts) at these links.
Mvt 1: Busy Day
Mvt 2: Lullabye
Mvt 3: Wild Dreams

And you can play a duet with me at these links.
Talemann Canon in D maj.
Beethoven Allegro and Minuet



Published by Adrian Dee

Flutist, composer

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